What's New at AMSI?
Year end releases for both StarBuilder and The Construction Manager and GEMM. 

Current Versions:

StarBuilder                              - Version 5.7.7 Year-End Release.
The Construction Manager  - Version 8.11 Year-End Release 3
GEMM                                       - Version 7.4.1

All Updates available to Clients who are current on their annual maintenance.  Please visit the AMSI Client Care Website.

Who is New at AMSI?

Allen Cohen - Vice President of Sales.  Allen has a great background in both construction and property management software sales.  We look forward to working with Allen and learning from his experience. 

Michael Gonzalez - Account Executive.  Michael returns to the family after a five year break.  Many of you will remember Michael from the Geac days and some from even further back when he actually supported CS1000.
Michael currently is the direct sales person for the Eastern half of the United States.

Where is AMSI going to be?

May 17-21st 2008      - CFMA Annual Convention