Construction Software Specialists:
Bixby Consulting Services, Inc., we are specialists in the construction software industry.  We work with industry leading software to provide you with the best most comprehensive foundation for your company.  You are only, as good as. the job cost information that you have available.  We help begin by building a solid financial base with either The Construction Manager or StarBuilder both strong construction accounting packages designed to provide you with the most up to date job cost and financial data that you need to make those important day-to-day decisions. 

In addition we work with other time saving software such as Project Management, Document Imaging and Estimating.  Working together with either The Construction Manager or StarBuilder both of these software's help you to bring all the pieces together.  Create an office that is efficient saving you both time and money.

Project management allow your project managers access to their job information without having to use the accounting software.  It is designed to allow them to view only their jobs.  It will allow them to drill down on the line items to see what makes up that cost and when used along with document imaging, it allows the project manager to view the actual invoices attached to that line item.

Document imaging allows to scan and to route accounts payable invoices to the project manager for review and approval.  Upon receiving that approval accounts payable can then send into the account product.  You can store any type of document that you like in document imaging system.  Attach pictures, emails, cad drawings or any document type of your choosing.   Search for for documents for individuals jobs or vendors.  You choose how you search and what you search for.  Then you can view or print that document.  If you choose you can then burn those documents to cd for storage.  Document imaging now works with either StarBuilder or The Construction Manager.

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